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Explore Guadeloupe by taxi in a unique and personalized way. There’s nothing like a local driver, passionate and knowledgeable, to offer a different perspective on the island, its heritage, and its charms :

Explore the island of Guadeloupe by taxi ! Our taxi transportation service will be personalized for a tailor-made discovery off the beaten path. Guadeloupe is a dream destination, not only for its sandy beaches but also for its architectural and historical heritage. Its fauna, flora, rivers, and waterfalls are also cherished for their beauty! A change of scenery is guaranteed ! Over 7000 kilometers from the mainland, you will find a paradise island that we will proudly unveil to delight your eyes !

Taxi Guadeloupe presents you with the most beautiful walks on the island

With a wide variety of sites and geological landscapes, tourists can vary their activities and perhaps explore the numerous hiking trails. Our company will drop you off from your hotel to the beginning of the path, and then we will wait for you to bring you back. There are numerous routes to discover the geological monuments, flora, fauna, and waterways. Here are some walks that we recommend :

  • La Soufrière

La Soufrière is a volcano located south of Basse-Terre. Climbing this 1,467-meter dome requires being well-equipped. You need to have good hiking shoes as well as warm clothing to combat the cold and strong winds at the summit. Even though it’s one of the most beautiful walks on the island, the trails remain challenging to climb and require some physical endurance. The volcano culturally marks the island. Indeed, Notre-Dame-de-Guadeloupe is venerated by the islanders at the foot of the volcano.

  • La cascade aux écrevisses

The waterfall is one of the most famous places on the island. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Aux Ecrevisses and Corossol near Petit-Bourg. You can access it quite easily via a marked path. You will also find an observation platform uphill that will give you an ideal view of the waterfalls and the surrounding landscapes. This walk is rather family-friendly. You can picnic on-site and swim at the foot of the waterfall. It is the most visited natural site on the island.

  • La cascade Acomat

This is the 2nd most visited waterfall on the island. It is located between the municipalities of Pointe-Noire and Mahaut. The waterfall is about a hundred meters from the road via a small path. On the way by taxi, we can make a short stop to discover this place or have a snack, without delaying your schedule.

  • Les chutes du Carbet

Le Carbet is a river that forms 3 spectacular waterfalls along its course that will amaze you. It takes about an hour’s walk from the parking lot to admire these impressive waterfalls.

Taxi Guadeloupe takes you through the monuments of the Island

The island of Guadeloupe boasts numerous historical monuments across its territory. Its history is rich, both from a religious and military perspective. Indeed, the island has been the stage for many conflicts between France and England. It retains many military infrastructures dating back to the 18th century. Additionally, several engravings and numerous archaeological traces date back to the pre-Columbian era. Our taxi driver in Guadeloupe will take you between these different locations to discover a unique heritage that is part of the richness of French history.

  • Les Abymes : Habitation Mamiel, Maison Petrelluzzi & Monument aux morts
  • Baie-Mahault : Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
  • Baillif : Habitation des Rochers, Roches gravées de la rivière du Plessis & Tour du Père-Labat
  • Basse-Terre : Aqueduc et réservoir de Petite Guinée, L’Arsenal – ancienne caserne militaire, Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Guadeloupe, Église Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Fort Delgrès, Glacière, Hôtel de préfecture de la Guadeloupe, Lycée Gerville-Réache, Maison Bougenot, Maison Chapp, Maison Coquille, Maison de l’historien Lacour, Maison Liensol, Maison Matis, Monastère Saint-Antoine, Palais du conseil général, Palais de justice & Pont sur le Galion
  • Bouillante : Habitation La Lise, Habitation Massieux, Habitation Muscade & Habitation Thomas
  • Capesterre-Belle-Eau : Roches gravées à l’embouchure du Pérou, Six blocs de roches gravées de la Rivière du Bananier, Grotte de Morne-Rita, Indigoterie le Gouffre, Indigoterie de Grand Fond, Indigoterie de Morne-à-Bœuf & Moulin Bézard
  • Deshaies : son célèbre “Jardin Botanique” appelé aussi “parc de Coluche”
  • La Désirade : Église Notre-Dame du Bon-Secours, Phare de l’îlet de Petite-Terre & Station météorologique
  • Le Gosier : Fort Fleur d’épée & Fort Louis ou Fort l’Union
  • Gourbeyre : Habitation Bisdary
  • Grand-Bourg : Église de l’Immaculée-Conception, Moulin Murat & Sucrerie Trianon
  • Lamentin : Église de la Sainte-Trinité, Groupe scolaire de Lamentin, Habitation Routa, Hôtel de ville, Justice de paix, Maison mortuaire, Marché, Presbytère & Square et monument aux morts
  • Morne-à-l’Eau : Église Saint-André & le célèbre Cimetière Bicolore
  • Le Moule : Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste & Habitation Zévallos
  • Petit-Canal : Prisons & Les Marches des Esclaves
  • Pointe-Noire : Hôtel de ville de Pointe-Noire
  • Pointe-à-Pitre : Ancien hôtel de ville, Capitainerie, Église Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, Ancien entrepôt Darboussier, Hôtel de ville, Lycée Carnot, Maison natale de Saint-John-Perse, Marché central, Musée Saint-John Perse, Musée Schœlcher, Pavillon L’Herminier, Ancien presbytère Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul & Usine sucrière Darboussier
  • Saint-Claude : Habitation Ducharmoy, Habitation La Joséphine, Habitation Mont-Carmel & Bâtiments du Camp Jacob
  • Saint-François : Habitation le Maud’Huy, Indigoterie de l’Anse des Rochers & Moulin de Chassaing
  • Saint-Louis : Ancienne prison
  • Sainte-Anne : Habitation-sucrerie Gissac
  • Sainte-Rose : Bloc gravé et polissoirs dans la Rivière de la Ramée
  • Terre-de-Bas : Poterie
  • Terre-de-Haut : Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption & Fort Napoléon
  • Trois-Rivières : Bloc gravé dit « Chez Michaux », Four à chaux, Habitation l’Ermitage, Poterie Coquille-Fidelin, Redoute d’Arbaud, Roches gravées de Vallée d’Or, Roches gravées de l’Anse Duquery & Roches ornées précolombiennes
  • Vieux-Fort : Église Saint-Albert
  • Vieux-Habitants : Église Saint-Joseph, Habitation Darius, Habitation La Grivelière, Indigoterie de l’Anse à la Barque & Roches gravées de la rivière du Plessis

Discovering the Distilleries of Guadeloupe by Taxi

The history of Guadeloupe intertwines with that of rum and its distilleries. These techniques, dating back to the 4th millennium BCE in Mesopotamia, found their nobility in the French West Indies and particularly in Guadeloupe. The principle of distillery was applied as early as the 17th century to sugarcane to create the island’s most famous beverage : Rum.

Which distilleries to visit ?

There were more than fifty of them before the Second World War. Today, their number has greatly decreased due to industrialization and mechanization. However, some of them are still in operation and open their doors to tourists. Taxi Guadeloupe will transport you to and from the discovery of these breathtaking places :

  • Distillerie de Rhum Longueteau in Capesterre-Belle-Eau
  • Distillerie Bellevue in Capesterre
  • Distillerie du Rhum Montebello in Petit-Bourg
  • Distillerie Bielle in Marie-Galante
  • Distillerie Damoiseau in Le Moule

Taxi Guadeloupe presents you the most beautiful beaches

Guadeloupe is associated with France, but not only, with the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. It is true that facing the winter cold of the mainland, why not enjoy the sun, the sea, and the coconut trees? You can take advantage of this to swim in warm waters, read a book on a deckchair, walk along the shore, or any other relaxing activity. Our taxi company provides shuttle services with the airport, hotels, and of course, the beaches. Here are the top 10 most beautiful ones :

  • Le Moule
  • Saint-Félix, Le Gosier
  • La Caravelle, Sainte-Anne
  • Anse in la Gourde, Saint-François
  • Anse du Souffleur, Port-Louis
  • Grande-Anse, Deshaies
  • Plage de Malendure, Mahaut