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Contact your taxi in Guadeloupe by phone at +590 6 90 41 65 64 or by visiting our booking module. We offer the following services :

Taxi Guadeloupe is your transportation company for all your journeys on the island, 24/7, to any destination and for any request. We offer you comprehensive transportation ensuring a high-end journey anywhere in Guadeloupe. Your comfort is our priority, which is why with our transportation company, you are guaranteed a choice ride combining friendliness and professionalism. Whether you’re arriving at the airport, enjoying a night out at a nightclub, or exploring the island’s tourist sites, our Taxi company in Guadeloupe provides a tailored and accessible transportation solution.

Conventioned taxi for all trips to your hospital center

In the event of hospitalization, a check-up visit, or a consultation with a specialist, your health condition may require what is known as ‘sitting patient transport.’ In this case, your doctor will provide you with a transport voucher, and you will be asked to contact a conventioned taxi provider like us to transport you to and from the following hospitals :

  • The University Hospital of Guadeloupe in Les Abymes,
  • The Louis Daniel Beauperthuy Hospital Center,
  • The Polyclinic of Pointe-à-Pitre,
  • The Basse-Terre Hospital Center,
  • The Maurice Selbone Hospital,
  • Any other hospital in Guadeloupe…

Dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medical consultations, or physiotherapy…

Do you need a conventioned taxi to get to the hospital, clinic, dialysis center, or radiotherapy center? Contact our official conventioned taxi company in Guadeloupe! In addition to the hospitals mentioned above, we can take you to the following centers :

  • The PITAT CMS Clinic
  • The Eaux Claires Clinic G2CO
  • The Joseph Pitat Medico-Social Center (Basse-Terre)
  • The Audra Dialysis Centers (Le Moule, Les Abymes, Capesterre Belle-Eau, Saint-Martin, Marie-Gallante)
  • The Rehabilitation Center Aux Bains de Cluny
  • Etc.

CPAM coverage in Guadeloupe

We can ensure your travels between your home and your hospital center, for example, without you having to spend a single penny. Indeed, social security covers this type of transport, and depending on your situation and pathology, you may be eligible for coverage of up to 65 or 100%. For more information, contact us, or visit the official website of CPAM Guadeloupe.

Order your conventioned taxi in Guadeloupe

Your experienced driver is at your complete disposal for all your medical transport requests, regardless of the establishment we need to take you to.

To simplify your medical trips in Guadeloupe, we provide you with two booking tools. Indeed, book your conventioned taxi at +590 690 416 564 or opt for easy booking with our online reservation form in just a few clicks.

A specialized transport for your children

Rely on the experience of our drivers for the school transport of your little ones. We prioritize safety and care for your children before and after school, as well as during extracurricular activities. Caution, respect, and kindness remain our main focus with every pick-up.

Specially selected drivers

Our taxi transport company based in Guadeloupe selects the most experienced, friendly, courteous, and respectful drivers so that your children can travel comfortably. We ensure that your children have pleasant experiences every day and arrive at school, for example, in a good mood, without stress, and reassured. By making us your trusted partner, your children will be taken to their destination as quickly as possible, with peace of mind and in optimal comfort.

Driver available for your children

We accompany children to their various activities. This means that you can request our services for school or extracurricular trips. We can also drive your children aged 3 to 18 to attend sports classes or their friend’s birthday party. Finally, entrust us with the mission of safely taking your offspring to the ferry terminal or the airport.

Booking a taxi for your child

To order a professional taxi driver to ensure your child’s safe journey, contact us or book online. Of course, we invite you to specify your child’s age when booking their taxi so that we can provide the necessary safety equipment. Child seats and boosters are not suitable for all sizes, so this detail is crucial.

Transfer by Taxi with Pointe-à-Pitre Airport

Taxi Guadeloupe is at your service for shuttles between Pointe-à-Pitre Airport Le Raizet and various locations on the island. Ensure you request the services of a professional driver and contact us. You will benefit from optimal service quality, a real break between the airport and your final destination. Our experience makes the difference, and the quality of our service is highly appreciated by our clients.

Why book your taxi in advance ?

As you know, Guadeloupe is a popular destination not only for mainlanders but also for North American tourists. Upon your arrival, you may have to wait for public transportation or for a taxi to become available. To save time and energy after long hours of flying, the best way is to plan your transfer in advance by booking with us through our online reservation module.

Which cities are served ?

We serve all points of Guadeloupe by Taxi from Pointe-à-Pitre Airport. We will transport you to Baie-Mahault, Le Gosier, Sainte-Anne, Saint-François, or even Trois-Rivières. Furthermore, we are familiar with hotels and resorts. You have nothing to worry about; you will always arrive safely with our transportation company.

Can I choose my route ?

Absolutely ! We will choose the best route for you, together with you. Do you want to arrive quickly at Saint-Rose or Morne-à-l’Eau ? We will take the most direct route to save time. Do you want to admire the coast ? The beaches ? The historic towns ? We will take a charming route, even making some stops along the way. Everything is possible, without limits or constraints !

What about the return trip ?

Upon request, and we will offer it onboard, we will take care of your return at the end of your stay. You just need to tell us where to meet you and your flight schedule, and we will take care of the rest.

Why choose Taxi Guadeloupe ?

Transportation is a moment of relaxation and discovery. We will be delighted to share anecdotes about the island, its history, and its heritage with you. Don’t hesitate to gather information from your taxi driver; we will be listening to share our passion for Guadeloupe with you.

Transfer by Taxi with the ports of Guadeloupe

As an island, the sea is part of our reality and daily life. We offer two distinct services according to your needs. Firstly, if you are a resident of the island or a tourist, we will transport you in Guadeloupe, by taxi, round trip, to all the marinas scattered along the coasts of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. Secondly, we have a service specifically dedicated to cruise tourists making a stopover in Pointe-à-Pitre at the Port Caraïbes-Port de Jarry. For this, you can directly go to the chauffeured vehicle rental section.

Which marinas are served ?

We serve all the marinas in Guadeloupe, both those of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. To be exhaustive, we will transport you to the marinas of Grande Terre: Pointe-à-Pitre, Marina de Bas-du-Fort, and Port de Saint-François. For Basse-Terre, we provide shuttles to Port de Jarry, Port de Basse-Terre, Port de Trois-Rivières, and Marina de Rivière Sens in Gourbeyre.

Which other islands are served by the ports ?

There are numerous maritime shuttles to Dominica, Marie-Galante, Martinique, Dominica Island, and all the other Caribbean islands. Feel free to ask us for information on this subject; we will tell you everything you need to know.

If I have a cruise stopover, what do you recommend ?

Many tourists discover Guadeloupe every year during a stopover. Your time is limited, so we will ask you, beforehand or on board, what interests you, what your preferences are, and then we will guide you by Taxi to the must-see tourist sites of Guadeloupe to make the most of your stopover.

Why choose Taxi Guadeloupe ?

Our taxi drivers are natives of Guadeloupe and have a pure and perfect knowledge of the ports, access points, and even the schedules for boarding to visit another island in the Antilles. We will be more than just a driver but a guide to discover the charms and lesser-known places of the region that nevertheless deserve your attention and admiration.

Taxi for your trips to the discotheque, nightclub, restaurants, and cinemas

Guadeloupe is particularly lively with the influx of tourists from all over the world. Thus, there are, of course, numerous places for entertainment or relaxation to make the most of your vacation or leisure time if you are a local resident. We know all the good local addresses, we will share them with you, and we will take care of your transfers.

Which nightclubs are served ?

Enjoying a night out at the nightclub with friends or colleagues? In that case, don’t take any risks and contact us! We will pick you up at any time of the night to transport you to your hotel, your home, or any other location. Here are the lists of nightclubs we serve :

  • FREDDY’S HOUSE in Sainte-Anne
  • L’INSTANT in Les Abymes
  • LE SCHIVA in Le Moule
  • LE KAMA in Baie-Mahault
  • ZOO ROCK CAFÉ in Le Gosier
  • L’OLYMPIA in Le Gosier
  • LE NEXXXT in Le Gosier

What are the restaurants served and what do we offer ?

There are countless restaurants that will introduce you to the famous Guadeloupean and Antillean cuisine. You can thus combine tourism with the pleasure of the palate. Here are some must-visit places among the well-rated ones on Google My Business :

  • Restaurant Tablapizza Guadeloupe
  • Le Napoli
  • le Planteur
  • LE SCHIVA in Le Moule
  • Koté Sud
  • and many more…

What are the other entertainment venues ?

Guadeloupe is well-equipped. We provide taxi transportation from your hotel to all complexes :

  • Cinemas : Multiplexe Cinestar & Cinéma Rex
  • Booling : Gwad Bowling Pool
  • Museums : Memorial ACTe, Musée du Café, Musée costumes et traditions, Musée du Cacao et le Parc Archéologique des Roches Gravées

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